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Homeowner Rehab Program

The Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA) Housing Rehabilitation/Lead Paint Abatement Program is designed to create a positive impact on the neighborhood by helping to provide decent, safe housing for low/moderate income persons, and to encourage neighborhood reinvestment. The funding for the program is provided through the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) which is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and, at the local level, through the MRA.

Eligible properties may be owner-occupied or investor-owned single or multi-unit buildings located in the City of Malden. Property taxes and assessments must be paid current and owners must be in good financial standing. The program is based on household income at the time the rehabilitation commences. Household income must be at or below 80% of the area median in order to qualify *. In the case of rental property, the tenant's income shall determine eligibility, with a minimum of 51% of tenants being of low-to-moderate income to qualify. The program provides low interest loans based on need and availability of funds.

To qualify for assistance, all property owners must agree to address all code violations under the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code and any outstanding zoning issues. Financial assistance provided through the prorgram will be in the form of a secured loan with a recorded mortgage.

Low Interest Residential and Commercial Rehab Program

The City of Malden, through the Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA), operates a Residential Housing Rehabilitation Program which addresses the repair of owner occupied one to four family structures and investor owned properties. Depending on the eligibility of the owners, generally all repairs are related to a code and lead paint inspection performed in conjunction with the City of Malden Inspectional Services Department. This rehab program is required to test for and remove, if necessary, any lead based paint hazards.

All projects will be reviewed and include site specific reviews found in project files, determination on history, flood plain, noise, air quality and solid waste.

In addition, the MRA operates a Commercial Rehabilitation Program.

For more information about these programs, contact Andrew Scarano, Director of Neighborhood Revitalization by calling 781-397-1940, by email at or visit the MRA Office at 176 Pearl Street.

CDBG Low Interest Homeowner Loan Program

This program enables owner occupants of one to four family residential structures in the city to correct code and lead paint violations. These 15 year loans carry an interest rate of 2% for low to moderate income households.  The maximum loan limits are:  $25,000 for a single family structure; $35,000 for a two family structure; and $40,000 for three or four family structure.

Investor-Owned Loan Program

Under this program the tenants must be within the low to moderate income category. Depending on tenant incomes and rental restrictions, the loans carry an interest rate of 2% over a 15 year term.  Please note: rental restrictions do apply.

Federal Lead Paint Abatement Loan Programs

The Malden Redevelopment Authority has been awarded a $3 Million Grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration grant program funding.  The grant will be used to address lead hazards in 200 housing units in the City of Malden in  order to provide safer homes for low to moderate income families with children.  The MRA will collaborate with the Malden Board of Health, Cambridge Public Health Department, Tri-City Community Action Program, Inc., Just-A-Start Corporation, JHR Environmental Testing, Residential Inspection Company and Titan Lead Testing LLC. 

This lead abatement program is funded through HUD Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control and CDBG.  Over 1000 housing units have been de-leaded since 1994.

Homeowners who have children under the age of six are encouraged to apply.  To schedule a free lead inspection of your property or to learn more about the lead and rehab programs at the MRA, please contact Andrew Scarano, Director of Neighborhood Revitilization by calling 781-397-1940, by email at r visit the MRA Office at 176 Pearl Street.

All inspections will be paid by the MRA for eligible homeowners who go through this program.

Programs Available in Malden

Through Tri-City Community Action Program, the City has several outreach programs including fairs where literature is distributed and through which referrals come to the city. The Tri-City Community Action Program also holds educational seminars to increase awareness of lead based paint hazards.

The City of Malden has an aggressive inspection program triggered by inspectional sevices and health department findings. When the city identifies units with lead based paint, those units are required to be de-leaded.

Contractors interested in obtaining information about the MRA Housing Rehab and Lead Abatement Programs, should contact Andrew Scarano, Director of Neighborhood Revitalization, by calling 781-397-1940, by email at or by visiting the MRA Office at 176 Pearl Street. 

Income Limits and Forms

*Income Limits (effective March 2015)

Gross Family Income is defined as the total of all wages, pensions, Social Security, interest, rents received, dividends, Transitional Assistance, disability payments or any monetary benefits received by all family members or permanent residents of the housing unit).  Annual income as defined in 24 CRF 5.609, referred to as "Part 5 annual income".

  • One Person Household:     $48,800
  • Two Person Household:     $55,800
  • Three Person Household:   $62,750
  • Four Person Household:     $69,700
  • Five Person Household:     $75,300
  • Six Person Household:       $80,900
  • Seven Person Household:   $86,450
  • Eight Person Household:    $92,050

Fair Market Rent Limits* (effective February 2014)

  • Efficiency:      $1,042.00
  • 1 BR:              $1,164.00
  • 2 BR:              $1,454.00
  • 3 BR:              $1,811.00
  • 4 BR:              $1,969.00
  • 5 BR:              $2,264.00
  • 6 BR:              $2,560.00

Download: Investor Owned Loan Application [PDF]

Owner Occupied Loan Application

General Tenant Survey

Download: Tenant Lead Law Notification [DOC]

Download: Pre-Abatement Screen Data Form [DOC]

CONTRACTORS: Download:  Contractor Application Form [PDF]