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Facts About the Former Malden Government Center

Now a pile of rubble, the parcel at 200 Pleasant Street which formerly housed Malden City Hall and the Malden Police Station and the parcel at 184 Pleasant Street where a privately owned church once stood, are being re-tooled into a mixed-use development that will straddle both sides of a reopened Pleasant Street.


The Malden Government Center building, which literally made one end of Pleasant Street a dead-end, drew the ire of many over the years. Designed by renowned architect Doxiades Associates, the building was dedicated in 1976. Here are some facts about the complex:


  • 1,083,950 red, kiln-fired bricks were used. The bricks were called “Colby Blend” and were made in special wood kilns in Danbury, Maine. They are the same type of bricks used to construct the City Hall Plaza in Boston.
  • 1.1361 tons of structural steel was used as the frame for both the Malden Government Center and Police Station buildings.
  • 290 tons of metal decking was used to support the concrete floors.
  • 111,200 concrete blocks were used for the walls in both buildings.