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FitzGerald Park Improvements

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Work is finishing up at FitzGerald Park, where the major work has been completed and there are only a few punch list items left to be completed by the contractor.  FitzGerald Park, the pocket park on Exchange Street in Malden Center, is getting a facelift with the installation of new benches, existing benches being repainted, installation of an artist's table and children’s play equipment including a talk tube and animal springers, and some of the park being resurfaced.

The park is used by nearby preschools, professionals working downtown, Malden residents and customers visiting the downtown. The mural on the CBD Garage by Malden native Ed Emberley, which overlooks the park, was considered in the design and the new features and reactivated open space will complement the mural.

The project was championed by Mayor Gary Christenson, Ward 4 City Councillor Ryan O’Malley and John Preotle of Preotle, Lane & Associates, a longtime steward of the park and the owner of the neighboring office building at 350 Main Street. Construction is being administered by the Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and completed by JNJ Sacca Inc., an Arlington-based construction company specializing in public parks and playgrounds. The City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is the primary source of funds for the project, with additional funds provided by Preotle, Lane & Associates and Malden Arts.