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The MRA has moved to the new Malden City Hall, 215 Pleasant St., 3rd Floor. The office remains closed to the public, but staff are responding to calls. Contact 781-324-5720 X 0. Thank you.

How do I receive notification of an affordable homeownership unit for sale?

When the owner of a unit subject to or with a North Suburban Consortium (NSC) affordable restriction or covenant decides to sell their unit (“affordable unit”), they are required to notify the NSC in order to ensure the successful sale to another low or moderate income applicant/household. The NSC does not hold lotteries for these established affordable units, however, those on the NSC Affordable Homeownership Resale List receive notification by email that an affordable unit is being sold. See Malden Redevelopment Authority/NSC website for more information and to download an application to be placed on the list.