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The Office of Strategic Planning and Community Development (formerly Malden Redevelopment Authority) is located at 215 Pleasant St., 3rd Floor.

Lead Paint Abatement

MRA Healthy Homes/Rehab Office staff relocated to 215 Pleasant Street, Third Floor, Malden City Hall.

MRA Seeking Contractors for Lead Hazard Control and Housing Rehabilitation Program

MRA Will Provide Free Training for Lead Safety Practices

Lead Abatement Flyer (Chinese Translation)  

Lead Abatement Flyer (Haitian Creole Translation)

Lead Abatement Grants and Loans

The Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA) is committed to reducing childhood lead poisoning and has resources available to abate lead-based paint hazards in qualifying homes. The funding sources for the program are provided through the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes (OLHCHH) which are administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and, at the local level, through the MRA.

Eligible properties may be owner occupied or investor owned single or multi-unit buildings located in Malden.  Property taxes and assessments must be paid current, property owners must be in good financial standing and must agree to address all code violations under the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code and any outstanding zoning issues.  Owners who have children under the age of six are encouraged to apply.  Only units where the household is at or below 80% of the area median income will qualify.   Financial assistance provided through the program will be in the form of a secured loan with a recorded mortgage.  The program provides lead hazard grant money and low interest loans based on need and availability of funds. 

During the lead abatement process, owners/tenants must be out of the unit(s) to protect them from lead dust.  The program allows the MRA to assist with relocation for families up to ten days.  The average time owners/tenants will be out of their unit(s) is between seven to ten days and they will be notified when it is safe to return to the unit(s).  

Lead-based paint is the most common source of high dose lead poisoning.  Lead paint was prevalent in homes built prior to 1978. Lead paint is serious business. Lead inspectors and lead risk assessments are necessary first steps to manage lead paint and lead hazards.  The individuals and firms with whom the MRA contracts with to perform lead abatement in pre-1978 housing are certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

To schedule a free lead inspection, for information about the program or to apply for a grant or loan, contact Rehabilitation Specialists Wayne Martineau or Kevin Nestor at 781-324-5720.

Get your Home Tested. Before buying an older home (especially one built prior to 1978), ask for a lead inspection.

Get your Child Tested. Even if your young children seem healthy, ask your doctor to test them for lead exposure.

Get the Facts. Call the MRA to speak with a Rehabilitation Specialist who can provide additional helpful information about lead poisoning prevention and determine if you qualify for no-cost grant funds to help make your home lead-safe!

Applicant/Household income cannot exceed 80% Median Family Income (MFI) Limits set by HUD annually. HUD Income Limits 80% MFI (effective April 1, 2021):

1 person household: $70,750.00                         2 person household: $80,850.00
3 person household: $90,950.00                        4 person household: $101,050.00
5 person household: $109,150.00                       6 person household: $117,250.00
7 person household: $125,350.00                       8 person household: $133,400.00

Information for Grantees, Subrecipients and Contractors

All grantees, subrecipients and contractors awarded contracts funded with Federal dollars or receiving CDBG funds must register with the Federal debarment clearinghouse System for Award Management ( and must provide proof of active status on in order to comply with Federal regulations. Registration is free and it takes approximately one month to become active with a valid DUNS number. If a grantee, subrecipient or contractor does not register, they will not be considered qualified and, therefore, will not be able to contract with the City of Malden or MRA for activities funded with CDBG and/or other Federal dollars. Get information and registration directions here. 

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