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Off-Street Parking Program in Downtown Malden

The Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA) administers the off-street parking program in the downtown area on behalf of the City. The program, which is managed by Laz Parking Ltd., has more than 2,000 spaces which serve monthly and short-term parkers on a daily basis.

In addition to selling monthly and daily parking, the Laz Parking office sells validation coupon books to Malden businesses interested in subsidizing customer parking in and around the downtown area. 

The MRA created the downtown parking program in the 1980s as a catalyst for economic development.  Under the leadership of Executive Director, Deborah Burke, the MRA continues to work with Laz Parking on a multi-faceted plan to achieve cost efficiencies, improve customer service and invest in a much-needed capital improvements plan.

The Laz Parking office is located at 54 Dartmouth Street. For additional information, contact the MRA at 781-324-5720, Laz Parking at 781-324-2090 or email the Parking Facilities Manager, Chris Candura, at


Phase I Improvements Complete at the Jackson Street Garage

Waterproofing improvements have been completed at the Jackson Street Parking Garage located at 7 Jackson Street.  These improvements are the first in a series of a long-range plan to improve the downtown parking facilities. The majority of the long-term improvements will be focused on the Jackson Street Garage and the CBD Garage at 170 Centre Street, both owned by the Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA). The facilities were constructed in the 1980s and originally were the catalyst for economic growth and revitalization in the downtown.  There are approximately 1,300 parking spaces between the two facilities. Laz Parking manages the facilities on behalf of the MRA.  

LED Lights Installed at Dartmouth Towers Garage

As part of its capital improvement program, the Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA), working with its parking management consultant, Laz Parking, replaced the sodium pressure lights with LED lights at the Dartmouth Towers Garage. The work has made a dramatic difference inside the facility.  Below are before and after pictures.







Monthly Parking Rates Increased February 1, 2016

In 2015 the Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and City of Malden commissioned the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to conduct a study of the Malden Parking Program. The study found the rate structure of monthly parking at the CBD (170 Centre Street) and Jackson Street (7 Jackson Street) Garages is well below market rate. Rates had remained the same for the past eight years.

Effective February 1, 2016 the Malden Parking Program raised the monthly parking rates to more reasonably reflect current economic and competitive conditions.  The prevailing parking rate at the CBD and Jackson Street Garages increased to $135, while the Dartmouth Towers and Dartmouth Gardens Garages increased to $105 per month. These represent a $1 per day increase at Jackson Street, a $1.17 increase at CBD and only a $.33 increase at the Towers and Gardens.

In its study, MAPC recommended a rate increase to $150 per month at the CBD and Jackson Street Garages.  The MAPC study compared these rates to the $6 per day MBTA lots, which are subsidized.  With 20 business days in an average month, the MBTA monthly rate is $120.  

We understand any increase during today’s financial climate can be difficult, which is why we decided to keep the rates below the MAPC recommendation for the CBD and Jackson Street Garages and keeping the open air lots at the same $75 rate they have been since 2009.  While these lots may not be as convenient to the train or a person’s work, they are a less costly alternative.  If you are interested in changing parking areas, please contact the Laz Parking office at 781-324-2090.


MRA/City Partner with MAPC on Downtown Parking Study

Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) released its final report of findings on a Malden Center Parking Study that highlights the needs and challenges facing local businesses, consumers and visitors to the downtown Malden area. MAPC is the regional planning agency for cities and towns in Metro Boston and focuses on a number of issues including land use, transportation and economic development. The study was funded in part through a state grant and by the Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA) through its off-street parking program. 


With the number of transformative changes taking place in the downtown, including new developments and businesses, the study will be an essential tool to assist the City and MRA to better understand how parking is currently being utilized in and around Malden Square. Examined were parking patterns and capacity – including parking lots, garages and on-street parking. Parking regulations, consistency and enforcement were also carefully studied. Additionally, more than 400 residents, business owners, employees and visitors participated in an online survey to identify their perceptions about parking including busiest times of day and their suggestions about potential solutions.


The recommendations are designed to help increase availability for short term parking, maximize City parking capacity, reduce demand for parking by improving walkability and bike use and to coordinate policies for on-street and public off-street parking. Limiting on-street parking to two hours, installing meters and utilizing price to shift long-term parking from street spaces to parking garages are included in the recommendations.


The recommendations will assist the City and MRA officials in making decisions about the installation of on-street parking meters, the price of parking in garages and parking lots, proper signage and marketing as the area in and around Malden Square continues to be revitalized.

MAPC Parking Study Report (10-2015)
MAPC Parking Study Appendices (10-2015)
MAPC Parking Study Action Plan (10-2015)

Branding for Malden's Off-Street Parking
Main Street Parking Lot Sign          Maplewood Square Parking Lot Sign

In a continuing effort to make the off-street parking program customer-friendly, the Malden Redevelopment Authority (MRA), through its parking consultant, Laz Parking, is upgrading all signage at the various lots and garages that it operates.  All signs contain a large P and Malden as part of a branding campaign.