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State Gives Final Approval on Malden's New Open Space Plan

The City received final approval from the State's Division of Conversation Services for a new Open Space and Recreation Plan for Malden through December 2024.

The plan was drafted by a 13 member committee that assisted the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) in this process.  The Committee consisted of residents, city departments responsible for overseeing and maintaining parks, and representatives of organizations and community groups. The members are:  City Councillor Barbara Murphy (Ward 5), Deborah A. Burke (Malden Redevelopment Authority Executive Director), who will serve as Chairperson, Prisco Tammaro (resident), Bob Knox (Director of Public Works), Brian Creamer (Walkability Committee), Steve Winslow (Councillor at Large and Bike to the Sea), Bob Rotondi (Malden Babe Ruth League), Joe Levine (Recreation Coordinator), Michelle Romero (City Planner), Marie Shea (D12 Challenger League), Brian Delacey (resident), Jason Hamelin (resident) and Andrea Antonucci (Malden Youth Soccer).


The City needs an open space and recreation plan in order to continue to qualify for grant money and programs. The new plan, which will cover a seven-year period, serves as a blueprint for ensuring that current and future residents have ample opportunities for recreation and access to open space. MAPC's work included an inventory of conservation and recreation spaces, the development of goals and objectives, and a community visioning process. The project is being administered by the Malden Redevelopment Authority. 

Click here to view Final Open Space and Recreation Plan